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Financial advisor Campbell Hislock (34) is furious at himself for telling co-workers about his colourblindness as he has now been given the responsibility to explain what random objects look like to him on a daily basis.

Since casually mentioning his visual impairment that means he sees the colour green as more of a grey, Hislock has found himself inundated with requests from his colleagues about what green objects look like to him.

Hislock estimates he has had to give his opinion on the colour of a dozen water bottles, six staplers, 40 coffee cups, one handbag and every piece of stationary in the storeroom.

“They find it fascinating,” droned the dead-eyed shadow of a man.

“The answer is always grey. Every time. But they still keep asking me.”

Partial to the odd game of “what colour is this?” is Hislock’s boss Susan Granger (44) who has confirmed his status as a colourblind man since the rueful day he let it slip.

“We are an equal opportunities workplace and he’s a great financial advisor,” stated Granger.

“To think he couldn’t become a pilot is just upsetting. I don’t think he ever wanted to be a pilot but still sad.”


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