A local liquor store employee has spoken out at his frustration at everyone calling him ‘Chief’ or ‘Champ’

“It’s like those words doesn’t even mean anything any more” said Gary Tripe, 37, of Dapto. “I mean, they call me Chief, and then as soon as I order them to do something, they look at me like I’m some common villager”.

Despite not having the means or influence of a real Chief, Tripe is keen to start enacting some real political change within the town.

“I’ve got a lot of ideas which I think can really help. We can build some wooden huts, add a road or two – you know, really move Dapto forward into modern times”.

“Champ is my most favourite, even though it is wildly overused. It’s better than the appropriated police title”

“They don’t even look at my name tag anymore”

Gary says to make things easier, he’s seriously looking into officially changing his name to champ.

“I get it from both sides of the counter. Customers call me champ, the barista next door calls me champ”

“It’s insincere as all fuck, but I’m gonna have to just accept that it’s my name now”


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