The ‘tolerant’ left are quaking in their gender neutral shoes as a local No Voter has played the ultimate trump card with an unconfirmed claim that he has ‘heaps’ of Koori mates.

With his Vote No poster, fliers and piece of paper stapled to his t-shirt, it is easy to mistake Noah Prahgrass as a racist – but that’s just because you don’t know his story, and therefore simply cannot judge him.

Unlike the actual racists who will be voting the same way as him, Prahgrass is simply voting no to stop further division, which is something that his totally real and numerous Aboriginal mates would agree with.

“What you gotta understand is all my black mates agree that we are ALL Australians” said Prahgrass who was either sharing a very tall yarn on a creative writing project.

“Growing up, NOTHING was PC… and they were LOVING IT!”

“It was before all that cancel culture nonsense, we were all just making fun of everyone because of their race!”

“I’d just go up to them and be like ‘Hey Jimmy ya dumb [redacted] how’s life in [redacted]ville? I’ve got a message from your sister she says you want [redacted] for your birthday hey you [redacted]” 

“And the shit they used to give me for being a quarter Scottish mate, you wouldn’t read about it.”

“It wasn’t racist, it was all just a bit of fun.”

Asked if his very nonfictional friends, who make up these memories of this utopian non-racist 1970s Australia, agree with his aggressive opposition towards an Indigenous Advisory Body that will not affect his life in any way shape or form, Noah says he hasn’t asked them – but absolutely

“I reckon they’d think this voice is a load of rubbish.”

“It’s just another [redacted] for these [redacted]”

“And that’s coming from someone who grew up with black mates remember”

When The Advocate asked Prahgrass if he could put us in contact with his Koori mates so we could ask if they were in the 10-20% of Indigenous Australians who are against The Indigenous Voice To Parliament, he said he couldn’t tell you where they ended up.



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