A self-righteous Sydney media personality with a big ‘high school vice captain’ energy about him has today taken it upon himself to label the Queensland government as the worst state government in the country.

Paul Murray, yet another culture wars generator, who had suspiciously little to say about the Prime Minister’s treasonous holiday to Hawaii during the Black Summer bushfires – has this week continued his pre-election vilification of Annastacia Palaszczuk – openly undermining and politicising her efforts to avoid a second COVID-19 wave in Queensland – all the way from his comfortable North Sydney TV studio.

The 42-year-old media elite has finally landed his own conservative evening talkshow, after several decades of trying to be a radio funny guy, only to never really make it out from under of Marty Sheargold’s shadow.

Murray now hosts an outrage-fuelled panel programme on the Murdoch-owned Sky News, a right-wing TV network that is somehow free-to-air in almost all rural Australian electorates with a possibility of swinging to Labor, and appears so concerned about the politically failings of the Queensland government that they dedicate almost three hours of air time to running a smear campaign against the state’s premier each night – but still obviously not concerned enough to set up a full time news bureau up north and hire local journalists to report on the ground.

As a millennial from Sydney’s affluent North Shore who lists his hobbies as cigar-collecting and scotch tasting, Paul Murray’s self-given title as the beacon of Middle Australian common sense comes as a surprise to those who have witnessed his sycophantic interview with Donald Trump when Scott Morrison took him as a special guest to the White House last year.

Despite never really leaving the Franking Credit Belt unless he’s been invited into the SCG members by Lachlan Murdoch or Timmy Wilson, Murray somehow positions himself as a ‘media outsider’ – as he regurgitates all the same populist talking points that fill the pages of 70% of all Australian newspapers, which coincidentally are also owned by Rupert Murdoch.

At time of press, Paul Murray was telling his audience of terrified retirees that Dan Andrews was lying to the Australian people, and ‘the media was helping him’ achieve his goal of fucking up his own state’s economy just for the fun of it.

With a 2020 Queensland state election around the corner, and Morrison likely to rush for a double dissolution next year so he can lock in another term before Australians realise his big new vaccine deal is half a decade from fruition, Australians can expect much MORE TO COME from this husky NewsCorp puppet.


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