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Nationals leader Michael McCormack appeared on Q&A last night and his detractors say he did a bad job, while some others in the party room feel he held is own.

The programme is a popular programme watched by Australians from all walks of life – mostly by those who like the idea of public transport but are wealthy enough to walk to work.

Earlier this year, a Betoota Heights man drilled a hole in his head and had a mate pour in some DOT4 brake fluid before puttying up the hole with silicon.

Even he knows that the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne wasn’t the cause of the second wave outbreak in Melbourne. He knows it was caused by chronic underfunding and a lack of resources – which was the difference between the second wave outbreak in Sydney, where there is adequate funding and a wealth of resources to draw on times such as these.

However, that didn’t stop the Nationals leader from linking the civil rights protests to Victoria’s coronavirus woes.

“Which is why Barnaby and I had to move the hands closer to spill motion,” said Ag Minister David Littleproud.

“To keep Michael on his toes. I might just be a happy-go-lucky bloke from the Darling Downs but even I know not to go on television and say things like that. You’re only going to make the ABC crowd make fun of you,”

“You could put 10 pints in Mark Coulton and put him on Q&A and he’d be able to do a better job. You could’ve put Keith Pitt out there sitting in the nude. It would’ve done less damage to the Nationals brand,”

“If only we had a real experience cat hearder, like John Anderson again. Dave Vail was pretty good at keeping the Nats in line but right now, it’s like a private school boarding house after the master-on-duty’s gone to bed and the seniors are getting on the piss. We need someone to keep us all in line,”

“If we don’t get back on track, the hands are going to slide closer to midnight and who knows, maybe old melon head Darren Chester might end up being your deputy prime minister. Wouldn’t that be the cherry on top of 2020?”

More to come.


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