The tennis fraternity is today unanimously piling on Novak Djokovic, after the background of the US Open Line judge he hit was revealed.

While the majority of people who follow the sport were of the opinion that his behaviour was unacceptable and he should have known better, some had been holding off – pushing the line that it was just an accident that was blown out of proportion.

However, with the clarification that the line judge wasn’t famous TV celebrity and now infamous bully Ellen Degeneres, that defensive argument seems to have been dropped by even the staunchest of Novax advocates.

That sentiment came in light of the scandals involving Ellen Degeneres where she allegedly treated her employees and people she saw as below her appallingly.

“Yeah, fuck him, Novax deserved what he got,” explained 45-year-old junior tennis coach Todd Woodforde.

“I thought maybe it was Ellen, and it was the universe’s way of dishing out a little bit of karma, but now it’s just a random line judge I feel really bad for her.”

“Up the Demon.”

“But if he doesn’t win this tournament definitely doesn’t count.”


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