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Barnaby Joyce, the Member for New England has reportedly taken a day out of his busy schedule to celebrate his ancestry today.

Sources close to the Leader of The Nationals have informed the Advocate, that although he renounced his Kiwi citizenship late last year in order to be re-elected to parliament Joyce will still be celebrating Waitangi Day.

“For sure he will be celebrating. It’s a day of National pride for him, however given the whole debacle last year, he is keeping it pretty low key,” the source who requested not to be named said.

Waitangi Day, named after Waitangi, where the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed in 1840, commemorates a significant day in the history of New Zealand.

Ceremonies take place each year on 6 February, and it’s believed that Barnaby will be creating his own little slice of Aotearoa out the back of Yass with a Hangi, chilli bin and Tui’s to boot.

The source told us that Barnaby is having some old shearing mates form his early days in Rotorua over for the celebration.

“He told staff that he would be kicking on a pair of jandals and shooting the shit with some of the boys from back in the day and that they shouldn’t bother trying to contact him,” our source said.

We attempted to contact Joyce for comment.

The phone call was answered with Crowded House blaring in the background, however the conversation was short.

Our reporters we were told “Churrr bro. Give a fella break. Puss offf,” before the line went dead.

More to come.


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