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The last local beacon of 20th-century journalism, The Australian, has one local homeowner under the impression that his current NBN rollout plan and the technology involved with the programme, on the whole, is ‘more than adequate.’

Bruce McIntyre, a Betoota Grove homeowner, said he doesn’t even know when the next evolution of the information superhighway will be connected to his premises – and he doesn’t even care.

The 59-year-old, who also owns three currently empty French Quarter terrace houses, took time out of his busy afternoon of to speak to The Advocate about his opinions on the National Broadband Network.

“I’ve read up a lot on the subject,” he said.

“And from what I’m able to conclude, the first incarnation of the NBN, where they were going to bring it right up into your lounge room, was needlessly complex, expensive and an invasion of privacy,”

“Just the other day, this NBN goon knocked on my 89-year-old mother’s house in Betoota Heights and told her there were there to hook up the NBN – whether she liked it or not! No wonder the costs have blown out if they have it hire thugs to invade the privacy of old ladies.”

When asked how he came to this conclusion, that the current LNP-proposed NBN is just fine and perfectly adequate, the retiree said he’d read it in The Australian.

“It is that last honest newspaper. The bigger a newspaper is, the more authority it has. They’re impartial and down the line. They see the Labor/Green/LDP voters for who they truly are. Treasonous perverts who enjoy spending money that isn’t theirs to spend.”

When our reporter asked Bruce whether he thought the connection between the Murdoch-owned newspaper and their openly pro-Coalition editorial policy may have skewed their reporting on the issue, he told him to leave.

More to come.


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