Jim Gillespie and his wife have Brennan separated for a while now.

Ever since she packed up, the Head Coach and Director of Football at the Betoota Dolphins has dived headlong into his role.

The ex first grader who played over 200 games for the mighty Dolphins over a 15 year period, says he knows full well what makes a ‘footy club’ tick.

“Yeah, the club is my life right now, and I’m gonna do everything I can to make this club as a great as it can be,” he said today.

The raw emotion and passion of the leader of the club was on full display at the first training session of the year this evening (yesterday evening) as the carpenter from the Golf Course estate let fly in a welcome back speech.

“We are one fucking club boys. One fucking club. Many great men have pulled on the Dolphins Guernsey over the years, and it means a hell of a fucking lot to this town,” he bellowed to the group of players stretching around him.

“This club isn’t just about 1st graders, and I tell ya that meself (sic) because I started in 4th grade, and loved every minute of it. Whether you play 4th grade or are starting 1st grade every week. No one is more important than anyone fucking else. We carry each other boys. We carry each other,” he continued.

“Now, I want ya’s to think about all these things I have said, and I want you to bring the One Club One Goal mentality to this year. Let’s win the Club Championship, and let’s make finals in every single grade okay.”

Alan Wazcek, who has battled through 3rd and 4th grade for most of his career with the Dolphins, told us he was amused by the display.

“Yeah, I love when the coach churns that shit out. Like every single year, we get a stirring piece of oratory like that, and every single year come to the start of the season, it’s all forgotten,” he said.

“It doesn’t bother me. I’m just here to try and avoid heart disease before I’m 60 and sink a few tins with my mates.”


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