Tens of thousands of petrolheads have arrived in our nation’s capital overnight to attend Australia’s premier burn-out festival, The Summernats.

Organisers say safety will be a priority, having improved fencing around events and beefed up rules against riding in the back of utes after several fatal accidents over the years.

However, the for the first time since the the competition started 31 years ago in 1987, the city of Canberra looks to be under quite some pressure to keep up with the waves of auto-enthusiasts that have taken over their town.

BWS, Dan Murphy’s and 1st Choice Liquor have all confirmed today that all three suppliers have completely run out of Jim Beam & Cola pre-mixed cans, at every single on of their combined 150 bottle shops throughout the nation’s capital.

“This is unprecedented” said one regional manager for Dans.

“We thought we were under the pump at Bathurst 1000, but Summernats has reached a whole new level. The lack of a 1-carton-per-person-per-day rule is very evident here”

Dubbed the ‘White Eggs’ Jim Beam & Cola pre-mixers have proven wildly popular with regional and suburban petrolheads over the years, as it provides a sweet, fizzy and gritty alcoholic beverage that doesn’t necesarily result in violent behaviour.

“If they are gonna be drinking any dark spirits, we’d prefer it be the white eggs” said head of ACT police, Noah Nagas.

“It helps them bloated and docile. Less brawling. The goon also helps”

Summernats kicked off on Thursday afternoon with a traditional cruise into the heart of Canberra, then back out to Exhibition Park where the event is held.

Traffic was temporarily blocked to allow the police-escorted convoy of street machines along Northbourne Avenue.


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