A report has confirmed today that despite many towns and cities having the word Vegas tacked onto the end of them by their residents, most of them have next to nothing in common with the city.

The Historical Society of The Diamantina Shire (HSTDS) spent 12 months examining a variety of towns and cities across the nation in an effort to understand why many locasl refer to their hometown as (Insert Name Here)Vegas.

President of the Society and chief researcher, Anthony Hendricksen told us that the only common link between the Nevada city of Las Vegas and many Australian towns is the hot and arid climate.

“DubVegas. DubVegas? Isn’t it curious that residents of the Central Western town of NSW, which rides on the coat tails of it’s zoo, call the town DubVegas?” Hendricksen asked.

“There isn’t a Casino within a 100 kilometres. They barely have a sex trade, and I don’t know of anyone having their bucks night in Dubbo, do you?”

We spoke to a Betootan student who posted a status on social media about heading home for the weekend, referring to his hometown as a Vegas.

“Heading down to TamVegas this weekend. Who is around?” read the status made by Luke Mcdonagh

Mcdonagh told us that he actually doesn’t really know why he refers to Tamworth as TamVegas and actually thinks he learnt the term from people that were teasing him.


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