Cecil Green, lead researcher of the adrenalin division at the CSIRO, believes he has found a direct correlation between the purchase of Oakley Crankshaft sunglasses and speeding fines. The results follow a three-year study undertaken by Cecil and his team in conjunction with the Australian Police Force.

The Advocate caught up with Cecil shortly after he released their findings.

“I first noticed a spike in the amount of speeding fines following the Boxing Day sales, and under closer inspection I discovered that 90% of those speeding fines were incurred by males aged 18-32 who had just purchased a pair of Oakley Crankshaft sunglasses.”

“I couldn’t contain my excitement, I thought ‘could this be the reason people are still speeding?’”

According to Cecil he then rang Constable Webber, his contact at Operations Safe Roads, to confirm whether or not there was evidence to back up his hypothesis.

“That sounds about right, nearly everyone I pull over for speeding is wearing a white or black pair of wrap-arounds.”

“It’s the ones with coloured lenses you really need to watch out for.”

The Advocate believes Cecil is now trying to discern whether it is the Oakley sunglasses that make people speed, or if the people in question actually have a mental predisposition to speeding.

“Yes, it’s truly fascinating, a bit of a chicken or egg scenario, if you will” he chuckled.

The Australian Police Force are now looking to implement background checks on Oakley purchasers, it’s rumoured the new rules will come into effect December 2019, prior to the annual Summernats car festival.  

More to come.



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