The decades-old rivalry between Tony Abbott and his sister Christine Foster has ramped up this week, as the Former Prime Minister has once again suggested he will never allow Christine to marry the woman she loves.

As the issue of marriage equality once again enters the political fray, Tony Abbott has taken the opportunity to assert dominance over his “annoying” sister by stopping her from ever enjoying the fruits of a legally binding document between two consenting adults.

In an interview with 2GB’s Ray Hadley, Abbott issued a warning against a postal vote on same-sex marriage as the coalition was urged to “grow a pair” on the controversial issue.

The devout Catholic, upper North Shore public servant said giving Australians a say on gay marriage via the post might be a better alternative to a parliamentary vote, as he holds concerns that not every elected official is as keen on oppressing the LGBTI community as he is.

But the former prime minister queried how much real authority a postal plebiscite would have – stating that he was worried that his niche community of religiously homophobic child abuse apologists might not be as well represented in a nation-wide vote.

“I just worry that’s conservative Manly Sea Eagles scarf-wearing old property owners won’t get a big enough say on the issue” he said

“especially if we let every man, and maybe even every woman, in this country vote”

For the meanwhile, Abbott told Hadley that he is throughouly enjoying having one over his sister

“I ahh… I got you Christine” he said

“I… ahh… I’m dad’s favourite now”


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