Local leftie, Max Noff-Lake (31) is appalled and disgusted today about some of the right-wing vitriol being used against him while pointlessly arguing with people online.

During a heated debate with another Facebook user who was using a silhouette profile picture, Max almost keeled over when he was accused of being ‘triggered’ by left-wing baiting.

The argument, which was about whether or not the 1994 Aerosmith song ‘Crazy’ was an insensitive title due to the appropriation of a word related to mental illness – ended abruptly after Max was abused by an a faceless man on the internet who suggested he was reacting exactly the way he wanted him to act.

“It’s fucked up” he said.

“It’s just fucked”

“The right-wing are absolute psychopaths”

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the most popular use of the word triggered in contemporary internet culture is used when someone gets offended or gets their feelings hurt, and is often used in memes to describe people with strong victimization tendencies.

As a member of the ‘corrector class’ of inner-city left-wing elite, Max says he feels the need to point out the fact that the word ‘triggered’ is actually used to describe an event causing traumatic memories or feelings to resurface for victims of abuse or violence.

“It’s just very insensitive to use the word triggered to describe someone who is being very sensitive” said Max.

“That word is used to describe PTSD flashbacks, and strobe lights that cause seizures”

However, a local language expert Professor Ava Yarne says ‘Triggered’ can mean a lot of things.

“It can also mean hardware or software based device for the online selection of specific event classes from large datasets”

“or the the Martin N-20 guitar played by Willie Nelson”

“I think it’s a bit dramatic for left wing social media users to says that it’s some sort of sacred word”

“They are so T R I G G E R E D”



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