Local bus driver, Morgan Turinui (45) is waiting until his most recent passenger is no longer holding onto anything before he puts the pedal to the metal, it has been confirmed.

As is protocol in suburban public transport, bus drivers are required to begin driving before passengers are able to place their entire body weight into a seat.

Local commuter, Glenn, says he knows being thrown against another random commuter is part and parcel with public transport, but he still finds it frustrating.

“I just wish he could do it while I’m still walking down the aisle” says Glenn.

“Not when my entire body is preparing to sit down next to someone I don’t know”.

“It’s very tiring having to apologise and then sit in complete silence for the whole trip”

However, Mr Turinui says he has a job to do, and he won’t steer from the rulebook.

“I have strict instructions to hit the pedal and put passengers off balance while also pretending I don’t know what is happening behind me” he says.

“That’s how it how it has always been” he says.

The Betoota City Council have refuted claims that their bus drivers only appear to be interested in picking up the pace and adhering to their timetables when passengers are looking vulnerable.


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