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Friends of Jordan Polos (30) were reminded today of how much growing up their mate has to do, as the thirty-year-old junior management consultant used the term “Pash” in conversation.

“She was grinding heaps close so I turned her around and just full started pashing her ay!”

Originating from the word ‘passionate,’ pash is a term used to describe a kiss that lasts longer than about three seconds, usually involving tongue. In the case of Polos, however, any mystery surrounding the use of tongue during his weekend hook-up was clarified immediately.

“Full pash. With tongue.”

Once a popular term to describe kissing amongst teenagers in the naughties, ‘pash’ has seen a decline in use in recent years, giving way to equally mature terms such as ‘neck’ and ‘mack.’

Although the term is considered out of vogue these days, Polos continues to use the term to describe physical encounters he seems to have constantly whenever his friends are not present.

“She was smoking. Good pasher”

Friend of Polos, Rheese (28) says while he has told Polos that no one says ‘pash’ anymore, it has not stopped the nearly 31-year-old man using it in conversation and in text messages that he sends to friends immediately after he has finished ‘pashing.’

“Check this text out: ‘Oh my God, just pashed the hottest chick here, crusing for the second hottest now, gonna try it on. XD’ Think he sent this to every one of his contacts. He’s never getting a promotion.”

Polos however, is not only confident that he will get the promotion he has been promised for the past six years before his 31st birthday next month, but that he will pioneer the term ‘pash’ back to a triumphant return.

“When it comes down to it, would you rather neck, mack, snog, make-out or pash? C’mon bro, it’s easy!”

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