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About two hours ago local time, John Douglas’ phone rang loud enough to wake him up.

It was 11 am on this bright Sunday morning when his mother, Boral, decided to give him a ring.

“I thought he’d be up by now,” she said.

“I think I might’ve woken him up.”

John told our reporters that he was ‘kind of asleep’, in the state just prior to waking up.

Never the less, he was able to confirm that he was sleeping when his mother rang.

“When Mum rang me this morning, she asked if she’d woken me up. Of course, she did but I think it’s a bad look to still be stone-cold dead to the world at 11 am on a Sunday,” he said.

“So I lied. I told her that I’d been up for ages and my voice was croaky because I was getting sick.”

When asked by our reporter if she thought John was lying to her, Boral said yes.

“He’s always ‘getting sick’ every Sunday,” she said.

“I was young once, believe it or not. If he was still in bed at 11 am on a Tuesday or something, that’s when I’d be concerned.”

More to come.


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