As the final US evacuation flights leave Afghanistan, powerbrokers back home on US soil are already beginning to get to work.

With the Taliban now given free rein to run their brutal regime without any cheques or balances, US arms dealers have begun enquiring about keeping the profits rolling.

This comes as US President Joe Biden confirmed the evacuation mission out of Kabul was now complete, with America calling time on its military presence in the country.

Leaving the country to the brutal warlords it helped create all those years ago in the fight against the communists, Joe Biden said the evacuation was ‘an incredible success’ and the American involvement was worth the lives and resources spent in the country.

With the US adding Afghanistan to the list of countries it’s left in tatters, it’s believed the people who profit from these long-running military conflicts are now poised to strike.

One of those is Boeing Lockheed, who is the CEO of a large international arms dealer who makes a fortune selling weapons to the US Government, its allies, and whoever else wants their business – including whatever dictatorship or regime has the money.

“Joe, we all good to start talks with the new Afghan government,” laughed Lockheed in a conversation with the US President this morning.

“Now you guys have pulled out, we gotta keep that account rolling in,” he continued.

“We can do it like the good old days with the CIA funneling money to Afghan warlords directly, or through the Pakistani Intelligence Agency if you want?”

Pausing to think, the US President laughed before confirming that the arms dealers might have to wait a little while before directly signing contracts with the new Afghan government.

“Maybe it’s best for you guys to talk with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan about what’s the easiest way to funnel the arms to the religious Afghan militia again,” Biden said.

“I don’t know if we can facilitate it through the CIA this time around under the premise of fighting communists.”

The boss of the arms manufacturer then laughed, before telling Joe not to worry.

“We’ll draft up some strategy for ya,” Lockheed said.

“Don’t worry.”

“Leave it to us.”


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