The five members of French Quarter sharehouse affectionately titled ‘The Quarter Deck’ have reached the most important step of their journey as tenants; realising they hate each other and themselves for living together for so long before calling it quits.

One by one the members of the sharehouse departed until all that was left was bedroom dwelling Alex Skinner (26) who realised he was alone when he popped his head out of his bedroom.

“So many memories in here,” stated Skinner as he walked down a hallway he barely recognised without the art nouveau prints Bekka thought gave the space a sophisticated feel.

“I remember we smoked a bong in here. Another time we drank in here. I think we cooked in here once. We were definitely cooked in here heaps of times haha.”

Not only will Skinner be departing the sharehouse with three years worth of rich memories, but he has also been endowed with four additional double beds and two battered dining tables. 

“They knew how much I liked this table. Giving me another table and each of their beds was a bit overkill though. What am I meant to do with that many beds?”

Although he has no idea what he’ll do with them, Skinner states he is touched that his housemates left him with the ancient dining tables and flatpack beds that really can’t be dismantled without destroying them.

“I’ll sell them online maybe? I’ll make a note to do that after I contact the real estate agent, find a new place to rent, ask Ollie if I can borrow his ute, call Centrelink and find a job.”

According to friends of Skinner, he has more chance of getting his bond back than he does actually selling his new furniture set.


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