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Just as US President Donald Trump was counting his chickens, a robotic voice meme video has come along and smashed all his eggs.

The Betoota Advocate can exclusively reveal today that the reason for the breakdown between the two maverick leaders was a falling out over what the viral Yanny v Laurel video says.

Like many around the globe, the two leaders have fallen on different sides in regards to what they hear on the short video.

The video repeats a word which many people hear as Yanny, whilst many others only hear Laurel.

This disagreement has cast the proposed talks between President Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea into jeopardy as neither side seems willing to concede.

The Advocate understands that one member of the North Korean Allied Command accidentally said he could hear Yanny, the opposite of what Kim heard, as was promptly led away and shot. His organs are now on their way to China to be put in a wealthy businessman.

“No, Kim. No. The video clearly says Yanny. Clearly. No doubt. No doubt in my mind. English is not your first language,” Trump said to Kim Jong Un a short time ago.

The comments set Kim into a rage;

“Donald. With respect. It does not say that. If we cannot agree on such simple thing like this, how can we agree on more important things, like that Dennis ‘The Wild Bull’ Rodman is the most underrated NBA player of all time? He is my great friend you know,” said Kim.

The debate then disintegrated completely, with Trump hanging up a short time later.

Although the breakdown has reportedly infuriated Trump’s office, who were desperate to sure up a Nobel Peace Prize, his Chief Advisor has told us that they are still confident.

“Surely we can get the win for Donald, I mean if Kissinger can get it after saying he would bomb Cambodia back to the stone age, and Obama can get it after tripling the number of troops in Afghanistan, then the Don has to be a chance doesn’t he?” the Advisor asked.

Our reporters declined to proffer advice.

More to come.


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