The 23-year-old CEO of the ice cream topping delivery service, Toppingz, reckons whatever you just said is epic.

“Haha epic” says Rowan Fairfax, who is in desperate need for a synonym that may describe what it is that he feels when he says epic.

The fourteen employees that work for the psychopathic old-money millennial say they are never sure when he’s going to invite them for a business class trip to Tel Aviv, or tell them to put their stuff in a cardboard box and get the fuck out of his fucking life.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, Rowan says it’s pretty epic that his ice cream toppings delivery service has been able to make such a big mushroom cloud on the stale share economy.

But now it’s time to work on an epic app.

After takin a sabbatical to focus on being being a cryptoprenuer, the aspiring apptreprenuer, Rowan Fairfax says his ice cream toppings delivery app should be going live in a year or so, but can’t exactly say when.

“it’s just like what I was saying about cryptocurrency before I lost everything…” he says.

“My parents generation can’t understand this game”

“Sure it’s cost a bit of money, but the returns are usually fucking epic. I’ll send you some articles”

“I’ve carved off a pretty specific part of the market and the projected outcomes have been measured up against the optimised algorithms of several channels that cater to an easily disrupt-able demographic of key audience behaviours”

“I’ve just got to find a developer”


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