In a shock announcement by the NRL, it has been today confirmed that the Canberra DJ duo Peking Duk have been locked in as pre-match entertainment at the upcoming rugby league State of Origin in Melbourne.

The electronic music impresarios, which is made up by Reuben Style and Keegan Woods Blues have been selected to play in the before kick off music show MCG on June 6.

Keegan Woods (23), who is younger half-brother of NSW stalwart Aaron Woods, says he’s stoked to be able to show his support the boys in blue.

“It’ll be the first time that me and Aaron get to perform in the same stadium [haha]”

“Hopefully Freddy picks him. He’s my big bro and I love him so much. Obviously he went his way with the sport, and I went my way with the doof doof – but this will be a great night for our family”

“June 6th will be a proud moment for our mum [Sharon Woods], as she gets to see both her little boys out there doing their thang”

Keegan and bandmate Reuben Styles will be part of a “spectacular light show” ahead of Origin’s return to the heartland of AFL.

Styles says that even though he’s from Canberra and technically not really from Australia, it will still be good to get involved “Origin is the biggest sporting rivalry in the country and the entertainment will be a great lead-in to a series which is built on passion and energy.

“There is nothing like Origin when it comes to on-field intensity and we certainly aim to ensure the night-time spectacular complements the game itself.”

“Hopefully we can get both Woods boys out there on the night. It’ll be good for the family after their younger brother Bryden went to prison for badging cars in Woollongong last month”


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