President Trump has today given a tour of the White House to his newly appointed FBI Director, Sergeant Fin Tutuola from the New York Police Department’s Special Victims Unit.

Speaking to the media today, Trump was quick to point out that as a proud New Yorker, it was imperative that he had an FBI director with the same kind of background – as well someone who has appeared on countless reality television shows with his heavily augmented wife.

“In the criminal justice system, Federal offenses are considered especially heinous” said Trump

“In Washington, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the FBI”

“Odafin Tutuola has long been a favourite of mine. A real New York Cop… I welcome him”

Given Sgt. Tutuola’s experience in working especially heinous crimes, it is believed that President Trump made up to six separate jokes about him being a ‘Female Body Inspector’ – before being told to have a nap by his staffers.



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