15 May, 2017. 10:23

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A prominent voice in the local men’s rights movement spoke to The Advocate this morning about how his life changed after ‘taking the red pill’ and what steps he took to transform himself from a sickly downtrodden schoolboy to a confident young man who regularly beds models.

Brett John Gregory, a 28-year-old leasing agent at McCarthur & Sons Realty, explained that he finally woke up to himself and embraced the inner man within himself after watching men’s rights documentary, The Red Pill.

“I suppose it’s like the first time some unemployed stoner lefty hears Tame Impala for the first time,” said the strong, confident Scorpio.

“It kicked open a door in the back of my head. For years, I blamed my inadequacies as a person on my alcoholic mother and absent, flaky father. But The Red Pill taught me that I was living like a ‘blue pill cuck boy’ and I needed to change.”

And change he did.

Turning his back on society norms and popular trends, Mr Gregory grew his hair out and began sporting a trendy, posh tribly hat that slowly became synonymous with the young man.

He began speaking out against the feminist leftists at the South Betoota TAFE campus, challenging their iron-fisted dominance over social issues at the educational institution while he studied women from afar at uni bar nights.

After learning exactly what women want, Brett penned a guide to picking up women – based upon his own sexcapades as a young men’s rights activist.

“It’s published on the Amazon Kindle E-Book store,” he said.

“At $2.99, it’s a pretty good deal considering all the secrets and methods that I reveal in it about how to pickup model-tier women. Seriously, it’s worth a read.”

More to come.


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