A “mob” of people only really described as ‘protestors supporting US President Donald Trump’ has today clashed with Washington D.C law enforcement, sending the Capitol into chaos.

The ‘Trump Supporters’ – who have not yet been referred to as rioters or looters, or even terrorists, have succeeded in locking down the building down and halting the vote to certify Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

Wearing red caps and waving TRUMP 2020 flags, this crowds of ‘people’ – who would be described as terrorists or radicals if they weren’t white rednecks have breached security perimeters at the Capitol.

Those looking at home, both in and outside the US, are now imagining how many dead bodies would be lying on the floor of the American Capitol, if these same ‘Trump supporters’ looked like the people who keep telling us Black Lives Matter.

Instead, representatives inside the House chamber were told to put on gas masks as tear gas was fired in the Rotunda on Wednesday.

An announcement warning of an “external security threat” was played inside the Capitol as members of Congress were meeting and expected to vote to affirm the Republican’s loss of the 2020 US Election.

Protesters used “chemical irritants” on police in order to break into the building, before making their way into the Senate chamber – and attack that would be considered biochemical terrorism if these same people followed a religion that wasn’t Christianity.

One of the not-terrorist protestors was filmed climbing up on the dais and shouting: “Trump won that election”.

So far, only one of them was clipped with a police bullet, and is currently taking up valuable space in a Washington ICU bed, meaning an innocent COVID-19 victim will likely die so that a traitor can be treated for a neck wound they sustained while committing treason.



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