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The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has shared a statement on the storming of the US Capitol building by rioters today, telling the people of America than when times get tough like this, it’s best to turn to their national cricket team for inspiration and guidance.

Mr Morrison was speaking at a function today in the Harbour Capital ahead of the New Years Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

“Americans will be gathering, whether it’s at the US Capitol Building or around television sets all around the country, and they’ll be inspired by the great feats of their cricketers from both sides of the political divide and I think they’ll be encouraged by the spirit shown by Americans and the way that people have gone about remembering the terrible things that other Americans are dealing with at the moment,” he said.

“Their cricketers will them give something to cheer about.”

The Prime Minister’s remarks have drawn unilateral criticism from the rest of the planet but Mr Morrison is standing by what he said, according to his office.

The Advocate spoke briefly to an American ex-pat who lives in town about what the Prime Minister had to say.

“I thought what’s his name was the Prime Minister?” they said.

More to come.


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