In some sensational news from the home of the brave and the land of the free, The United States is currently contemplating invading itself.

This comes after a failed insurrection on the White House today, with the world looking on in disbelief as the self titled ‘leader of the free world’ continues to implode.

The storming of the most famous building in the country comes after their President spent years inciting the masses to take matters into their own hands and rebel against the system that made him president.

With those domestic terrorists sending shockwaves through the country after kind of following the orders of their outgoing President who has spent the last couple of months playing golf after having his hobby ruined by leftist agendas, the US Military is now considering embarking on a ‘peace keeping mission.’

The move would come as a shock, with the country who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to ‘restore peace’ a little while back, considering making history by being the first to invade itself.

“It’s our duty as the military of the United States to invade countries who have a bit of civil unrest in an effort to boost our economy and keep the war industry chugging along,” said an unamed US General a short time ago.

“There isn’t a heap of oil under DC, but, it’s our duty to keep the arms industry rolling so its something we are considering,” he said.

More to come.


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