A Betoota Heights household is having their peaceful night disrupted after a random phone call has resulted in a late night goose chase.

Local dad Steven Ellis was watching the news when he received a call from a contractor who figured seven o’clock at night was the best time to shoot through some quotes.

But due to the unexpected nature of the call, Steve is unprepared for the barrage of information and finds himself frantically searching for something to record the conversation.

However, instead of telling the bloke that he’ll have to grab a pen first which is what a normal, rational person would do, Steve decides to put the pressure on his son Nathan to source some writing utensils – which he needs IMMEDIATELY.

“Nathan!” mouths Steve, as he attempts to cover the receiver, “PEN.”

Tilting the phone onto his shoulder while he rummages around in his pockets, a frantic Steve makes a writing motion and mouths the word ‘Now.’

As Nathan races around the kitchen attempting to source some writing utensils, Steve’s expressions and hand gestures grow cartoonishly urgent.

“Nathan!” Steve hisses, “PEEEEEEEEN.”

Nathan passes his father a half chewed pen he finds on top of the fridge, which is quickly discarded when it’s revealed to be out of ink – resulting in a series of silent expletives.

Shaking his head in disappointment, a frustrated Steve offers Nathan one last chance to redeem himself by remembering the sequence of numbers he’s about to spit out.

More to come.


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