A local man has taken a gamble today after a discussion with a mutual friend resulted in some things getting lost in translation.

Paul Steinfield [27] was meeting a couple of mates at a bar, when his close friend, Dion, left for the bathroom – leaving him with a bloke he’s only met on one occasion.

Unluckily or luckily, depending on how you swing it, his new mate Jared is a bit of an oversharer.

“So anyway the missus is telling me she’s pretty much fucking done, you know, I’m talking suitcase on the driveway kind of situation”, says Jared, using his hands a lot.

“It’s three in the afternoon, I’m tired, she’s tired, I say ‘can we do this another time.”

“She just looks at me dead in the eyes, tells me she’s had enough and I’m a deadshit.”

“Which cuts me real fucking deep you know because I love this woman, I really do.”

Not wanting to sound like a dickhead for asking ‘what’ more times than necessary, Paul finds himself dissecting the scraps of conversation he caught in an attempt to come back with an adequate response.

Finding that the conversation could have steered into either light hearted or completely morbid territory, a nervous Paul gambles with a laugh and hopes for the best.

Pausing to evaluate the response, a nervous Paul is relieved when Jared starts nodding and laughs back.

“Another drink?” More to come.


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