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If there’s one sign, aside from crow’s feet and shocking hangovers, that lets you know you’re getting old, it’s actually giving a shit about what happens in your local community.

One local woman who’s getting old AF is Sandra Pollock (30), a renter in Betoota Sounds who just signed a petition to stop the privatisation of the bus service.

“They can’t privatise the busses! The flyer said if they privatise the busses then we’ll lose the bus that goes straight past my house”

“They’d lose heaps of busses actually, people already struggle to get out of Betoota Sounds during peak hours so how are we going to deal if they take away half the busses?”

According to a top secret report obtained by The Advocate, the local government was hoping the cancellation of busses would actually force more people to use the multi-million dollar monorail that was completed earlier in 2020.

The monorail was supposed to be the jewel in the government’s cap, but it’s now more like a thorn in their side. Blowing the budget by $100million and being 45 minutes slower than what was originally proposed, the monorail is the least used mode of public transport in the whole of Betoota.

At the time of press Sandra’s petition had over 3000 signatures, the petition is believed to be open for another month before getting sent.

More to come.


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