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Hostel room bars and common areas are often places where young folk can meet interesting people from different countries and walks of life.

However, they are also often the scene of some horrendous chat.

The hostel legend or self-described ‘lewse goose’ is a culprit often responsible for nauseating self-indulged glorification.

Usually Australian or American, the hostel legend is renowned for always letting people know how much they have drunk on their holiday.

“RIP my liver [laughs]. Like I can literally feel it aching,” said Sonny Thomas, a South Betoota Polytechnic student who still lives at home and cannot anatomically locate the above mentioned bodily organ.

Fellow holidaymaker Jonathan Horder made the mistake of asking Thomas how the last city he visited was.

“Did you say you were in Budapest man? How was that?” asked Horder.

“Budapest. Oh, Budapest [laughs]. Man, I literally don’t even remember Budapest. I think it was sweet though,” was the response from Thomas.

The Advocate can reveal however that Thomas, does, in fact, remember Budapest. He spent 8 days in the ‘party couple of Europe’ at a ‘party hostel’ where he consumed an average amount of alcohol.

Sources confirm that unlike an alcoholic who disappears from his residence for 7 days, journeying from park to pub in a substance-fueled bender, Thomas can recall what he did each day and night.


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