An American woman named Kelly Jersey put her lack of cricketing knowledge on full display today, asking whether Australia was winning the cricket.

The young foreign student from Boston, who is working part-time at an office in Betoota, plodded into the break room and asked: “Hey budy, are we winning or what?”

The friendly young temp’s question was met with some chuckles, as people tried to explain to her that there isn’t really a team in a winning position in test cricket very often.

“That sounds dumb. You guys are into some whack shit,” said Kelly

“Also, these games take forever man,” said the US resident who often watches a 60 minute game of football which takes 3 or 4 hours to run it’s course.

Whilst everyone took the comments jovially over their pre-packed lunches and toasted sandwiches, one cricket fan wanted to make a point to the Advocate.

“Yeah its pretty funny when she says it, but when an Australian born individual actually asks who is winning fuck it gets me riled up,” said Brendan Hawtin.

“Is it that hard to understand that we play four 4 to 5 days a week a part in 4 to 5 different cities and no one is a winner until like the last twenty balls?”



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