While losing your job can be difficult, sometimes it’s the avenue you need to reinvent yourself. For example, former Labor leader and talking battered sav Mark Latham took his end in career politics as an opportunity to make life better for himself and worse for every Australian with access to the internet.

So are you someone who stays the same no matter what or does losing your job change your opinion on domestic abuse? Take the test to find out!

When you were fired, you sought support from:

a. A parent.

b. Your partner

c. Andrew Bolt.

After losing  your job you blamed:

a. Yourself.

b. Your employer.

c. The incompetent media and gay kids.

Even without your job, you’re still proud of:

a. The work you’ve done.

b. The people you have in your life.

c. Being an outsider and breaking a cabbies arm.

A dish that cheered you up after being fired was:

a. Homemade tuna bake.

b. Mashed potato.

c. Hungry Jacks.

After you were fired you swore off:

a. Drinking.

b. Spending.

c. Wearing a tie when appearing on TV.

When you went for future job interviews you:

a. Were confident and relaxed.

b. Nervous they would hate you.

c. Asserted authority with a gigantic and intimate handshake.

Answers a) are worth 0 points, answer b) are worth 1 point and answers c) are worth 2 points. Now add these scores us and see how you went!

  1. You immediately took a job doing the same thing.

  2. After a week of rest you began your job hunt.

  3. While planning a holiday you wondered if you could make it as a travel agent.

  4. You got to know all of your neighbours and became obsessed with Ellen.

  5. Everyone you know heard you refer to your termination as a ‘Wake-up call!’

  6. You began brainstorming names for your debut true crime novel.

  7. All the clothes you wear now show off your tattoos.

  8. You legally changed your name to ‘Sunflower’ during a rebirthing ceremony.

  9. You partook in a pilgrimage to your ancestral homeland to find yourself.

  10. Mark Latham.



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