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A couple of American Breakfast TV hosts hoping for some front-page gossip have had an interview take a bizarre turn this week.

Speaking to Hollywood star Matt Damon, the pair of interviewers from the United States where awkwardly left to fill airtime as their guest stumbled off into the back ground for 60 seconds or so.

“Hold up a sec,” asked Damon, who is in the country for the filming of the new Thor movie.

“I’ll tell ya about J.Lo and Affleck in a minute”

“Just gotta get on this fucking donkey at Mackay,” laughed the Oscar winner before ducking off to the reverse ATM.

“Bloke at the front bar reckons he’s mate’s with the trainer’s old man, and apparently they’ve been pumping the odds up for this run for the last few months,” yelled Damon from the back of shot to the confused journalists.

“Hold on, fuck, it’s not taking my note, fuck, fuck, it’s about to jump,”

“Hang on sorry, two seconds, this fucking thing,” he continued into his airpods.

“Shit I’m gonna miss it,” he said stuffing the pineapple into the machine for 7th time.

“There we go,” he laughed as he punched his finger on the screen quickly before letting on a sigh of relief.

He then returned to conduct the rest of the interview, distracted by the TV in front of him before wincing and letting out a few more fucks and wrapping things up to the relief of his hosts.

“Oi, what’s the one at Mornington you were saying,” he yelled out as the feed went dead.


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