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With the pandemic slowly moving into the rearview locally, the Federal Government has turned its attention to how it can best serve the upper and upper-middle classes going forward.

After shutting down the economy for the best part of a year to prevent the boomer remover from wreaking havoc amongst our rapidly aging population, Josh Frydenberg has announced what his roadmap out of this pandemic looks like.

While some much-needed cash boosts are finally coming for sectors like childcare, mental health and small business, the government has refused to admit where the money will be recouped from, as the self-titled economic managers spiral towards 1 trillion dollars in debt by 2025.

“Well, it’s certainly not coming from property owners,” laughed Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in an exclusive post budget sit down with The Betoota Advocate today.

“That’s for sure.”

“The billions we give out in negative gearing and franking credits to older Australians who demanded we shut down the country to protect them shouldn’t have to give up their lucrative slices of the property market to get the balance sheet back to even.”

“And now that a lot of them are staring down the barrel of aged care we need to pump money into the sector that’s been gradually de-regulated for decades to pursue profits over providing adequate care,” said Frydenberg.

“On and don’t think debt remedies are coming from giant multinational resources companies who pay very little to rip our resources out of the ground, and even less in tax,” said the Treasurer of a country that’s got very little to show from the decades-long resources boom.

“We’ll just dump money into the childcare sector with very little in the way of a long-term economic plan and when the public eventually decided they should see how Labor can fuck things up we’ll handball all the debt off to them.”


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