Following the news that OJ Simpson has been granted parole from prison after serving nine years for a botched armed robbery, Keeping Up With The Kardashians are expecting a record-breaking ratings spike for season 14.

A four-member Nevada parole board voted to release the 70-year-old former star athlete after an often emotional hearing, however his conditions of his release state he must return to LA and do 100 hours of community service.

It is believed The Kardashian family was very quick to offer OJ Simpson a couch to stay on, providing he agreed to help their ratings as community service, which the Nevada Parole Board agreed to.

OJ Simpson, who is named as a godfather to at least one of the Ks, is credited with bringing the Kardashian family into the spotlight when their late father represented him in the most famous murder trail in American history two decades ago.

However, the LA identity was unable to avoid jail time forever, in 2008 he was incarcerated for armed robbery and assault with a weapon after he tried to take back sports memorabilia from dealers that he claimed was rightfully his.

Producers from Keeping Up With The Kardashians say that the next season will focus on the families roots in LA, and how a troubled black sport star managed to create an empire of young entrepreneurs who to this day are famous for associating themselves with troubled black sports stars, and rappers.



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