The President of the United States of America has today reminded the world about his interesting position on certain things.

The leader of America’s ‘progressive’ party, Biden has been quite vocal over the last few weeks about supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza.

His position comes off the back of a long political career supporting the state of Israel, something which is interesting when you considering where he says he comes from.

Self described as the great-great-grandson of the Blewitts of County Mayo and the Finnegans of County Louth, “who boarded coffin ships to cross the Atlantic more than 165 years ago” – Joe Biden has always made a point of informing voters that he is Irish American.

Those claims are aimed at endearing himself to the nation, particularly on St Patricks Day – have raised eyebrows recently, given the Biden is not particularly Irish when it comes to the issue of Palestine.

Long standing allies of the Palestinian people, the Irish were the first EU member to call for the recognition of a Palestinian state in 1980.

Separated by a few thousand kilometres, there has been support for the Palestinian movement, with many Irish of the opinion that Israel is a colonial state established by the British – who the Irish also have a quite a notable history with.

Now with Israel upping the offensive against the people of Palestine, Ireland has once again been vocal in supporting their long term allies.

However, that’s not something that has translated to one of the sons of Ireland, with Joe Biden and his nation voting against a UN resolution for a ceasefire in a conflict that is killing 100s of women and children every day.

The Advocate contacted Joe Biden for comment, but he was unavailable for an interview for some reason.

More to come.


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