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A sad bachelorette from Betoota Heights has found an unlikely bed buddy this week, which has prompted her to reflect on her relationship status, it’s reported.

Ava Highfields, 29, tells The Advocate that she’d been drifting in and out of sleep early yesterday morning when she’d felt a soft caress on her cheek that felt similar to a ‘lover tracing his fingers across her face.’

Enjoying the rare moment of affection, the touch starved woman says she’d initially leant into the cool embrace ,before remembering that she lived alone – prompting her to awake with a shriek.

“First thought was that it was a huntsman”, she says, shuddering, “and then that someone had broken into my house.”

“I’m not sure which one would have been worse.”

Blushing slightly, Ava reveals that it was actually the devil’s ivy plant she’d hung on her bed frame , which was in dire need of a trim.

“Yeah so Pete’s gotten a bit too long I suppose”, says Ava, not revealing whether she named the plant before or after the incident, “I guess I should give him a trim.”

“It was kind of nice though.”

More to come.


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