US President Joe Biden has expressed support for a ceasefire in Palestine during a phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This comes as the death toll continues to rise since violence erupted last week.

Officials say 212 Palestinians have died, including 61 children and 36 women. Ten people have been killed in Israel, including two children.

The UN General Assembly will meet later this week to discuss the growing hostilities, which seems to time weirdly with the upcoming election that may see Netanyahu thrown out of office and prosecuted for the charges of accepting bribes, breach of trust and fraud.

Mr Biden is facing growing pressure from his own Democratic Party to play a more vocal role, but US officials say he and his team have opted for a quieter effort, by making phone calls to Israeli officials and begging them to please not use the 735 million dollars worth of top-of-the-line Boeing-made military arms that his government sold them a couple weeks ago.

The Biden administration approved the sale of weapons to Israel on May 5th, causing great concern for his own House Democrats who are part of changing the debate over the U.S. government’s support for Netanyahu.

This may be half the reason why Biden initially avoided calling for an immediate cease-fire, just so Israel could get the chance to use their new toys in their most recent escalation of the 100-year-process of imperialist land theft.

But in the last 24-hours, the President of the United States Of America appears to have changed his approach – by vaguely suggesting that he does not appreciate seeing dead Palestinian children on the news every night.

“Haha oiiii” said Biden, during a conference phone call with high-ranking Israeli war hawks that signed off on the sale.

“Just chill out a bittt gentlemen”

“I know the JDAMS [Joint Direct Attack Munitions] are fun as hell to play with, but can ya just woo up a bit”

“Please try to refrain from using the nearly one billion dollars worth of missiles I sold you the other day”


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