Hollywood star Ben Affleck has today revealed that he’s very excited to be working on a cool new movie that stars him as the main star who is able to evade authorities and bad guys while also picking up chicks who are very hot.

The film, which is based off a script he wrote himself about a troubled bad boy with a heart of gold who can fight, womanise and solve extremely complex problems using the power of his mind because he is also very smart.

“It’s based around a story that I wrote about the quintessentially most impressive person you could possibly imagine. But he’s also a bit edgy because he’s got a bad boy side to him” Affleck told The Betoota Advocate this morning.

It is believed that this film will include at least three scenarios were Affleck is completely surrounded by a large number of heavily armed people that are trying to kill him, only to escape them in an unconventional and extremely dangerous way.

It is also believed his character could have played professional sport if he’d wanted to, but he instead chose to be an action hero.


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