23 February, 2016. 15:34

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Just hours after slashing weekend penalty rates, the Prime Minister has explained to those affected by the business-stimulating measures that they wouldn’t be in this position had they listen better in school.

“It’s a policy change that will only cause significant hardship to our nation’s simplest people,” said Malcolm Turnbull. “If you listened in school and worked hard, instead of smoking pot and getting tasteless tattoos, then you’ll be fine.”

Turnbull has come under significant criticism for cutting Sunday penalty rates, with one affected punter challenging the PM to live off $600 a week – a figure set to fall by up to $80 a week thanks to to cuts.

“I don’t have to live off $600 a week because I’m not a dumb cunt,” said Turnbull.

“This person, in particular, wouldn’t have to live off $600 a week either, but the thing is that she seems like a pretty simple person, so she has to. Not everybody can be happy in this world. Some need to eat shit and die for the rest of us to get ahead.”

Quick to hit back at the PM, Opposition leader Bill Shorten said that while most of what Turnbull has said rings true, he could’ve worded it a bit differently.

“These cuts are bad for workers, but good for business,” revealed Shorten.

“But as you all know, we support the workers and business if it’s in our best interest. So we don’t know what to do here, so we’ll just say it’s bad then move on.”

More to come.


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