23 February, 2016. 15:34

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An eerie silence fell over a game of bridge earlier today as a Brisbane woman revealed she caught her husband frequenting a Strathpine Thai massage – and it wasn’t for his chronic back pain.

Beverley Cargelligo (53) was shocked to learn that while some of her neighbours enjoy a quick rub down at the Lotus Leaf Massage Parlour in the Strathpine Shopping Centre, others visit the hole-in-the-wall shop front to get a whole other type of hole action.

“You mean to say that there’s a prostitute working in our shopping village? That is dis-gusting!” said Beverly, slamming her bejewelled hands down on the card table.

“So people just go in there and get jerked off? And she sleeps with them as well? For money! There’s a childcare not 50 meters away. I’m calling the police.”

Quick to correct her, bridge partner Hilda explained that there’s probably not much sleeping going on inside the walls of the Lotus Leaf, just mediocre massages and loveless handjobs.

“I doubt it’s a knockshop, Bev. I don’t think there’s any rooting going on in there,” said Hilda.

“But it’s definitely a rub n tug joint, there’d be more DNA in that shop than a teenager’s laundry hamper.”

More to come.


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