23 February, 2016. 15:34

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A St Kilda non-government agency worker has found himself feeling conflicted today after siding with the ubiquitous conservative commentator Andrew Bolt over prominent Muslim spokesman Keysar Trad.

Brent Kruger took some time this afternoon to speak with The Advocate about the internal struggle he’s facing after he’d taken a long walk up and down the beach.

“I mean, I usually side against [Andrew] Bolt without even thing. He always tries to take the conservative high road, but this time, he actually looks like the good guy,” he said.

“God damn it! For fuck’s sake, I only just turned 38. Why am I suddenly starting to feel more conservative? Is this what happens? Is it because I started my own business? I need to know before I turn into my Dad.”

The reason why, it seems, is because no self-respecting lefty can side against Andrew Bolt when he’s trying to explain that violence against women is never acceptable.

“Maybe that’s it?” said the 38-year-old.

“The look on Andrew’s face when Keysar said that hitting a woman was a last resort said it all. It was all like, ‘oi but nah, do you have fucking rocks in your head Keysar? You are on national television saying that beating woman is kind of OK? Are you fucking serious, mate?’ and that was it. I agreed with Andrew Bolt, starting this whole existential crisis.”

“I’m taking a sick day tomorrow.”

More to come.



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