Collingwood coffee artist, Bryson Burley (28) doesn’t realise it yet, but his life is about to change dramatically – after the decision to eliminate double time penalty rates on Sundays.

Bryson’s part time job at the Shredded Chalk coffee shop has served him well over the last 6 years, as he studies part time to complete his degree in aztec folk music.

However, The Fair Work Commission, which sets the rates independent of the Government, has this week announced a wage reduction for the hospitality and retail industries, which they believe is likely to lead to increased trading hours, an increase in the level and range of services offered on Sundays and public holidays and an increase in overall hours worked.

“This is fucking disgusting” said Bryson.

“I’ve always worked Sundays because of the pay. For six years I’ve had to do my partying on Monday and Tuesday nights”

Bryson says that while he looks down his nose at any form of organised religion, he still respects the Judeo-Christian traditions of taking it easy on a Sunday, and any changes to his current wages will mean a likely reduction in the amount of recreational drugs he does in his spare time – either that or he will be forced to stall his collection of vinyl records.

“Us workers don’t have much. Give us our fair, internationally unrecognised weekend wages”

He says he has never thought of joining a union, but if he can find one that represents part time barista art students, he will gladly hand over the same percentage of wages currently being taken from him by the Government.

“We are being trod on by the bourgeois. We are being oppressed. We must unite”


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