A younger family friend that you haven’t seen in years has a very cringeworthy social media presence, it has been confirmed.

Tommy (24) who’s dad is a good mate of yours, has been going by the nickname of ‘T-Mad’ for many years now, as he pursues a career in Youtube hip hop.

“I ain’t a garage rapper – fuck all you haters. Big things comin… yull see” reads his most recent Facebook status.

While it is not confirmed whether or not his dad or darling mother, Jenny, is aware of his online activity – it is acknowledged among other family friends that Tommy might be a little off the rails – but not with drugs or anything – just his delusional perception of how popular he will become from poorly produced Australian trap music.

With his other, more notable, social media posts ranging from anti-imperialist conspiracy theories to full blown homophobia – it appears Tommy is living in a world of ignorant townie bliss.

“Putrid dogs talking shit but then asking for me for a feature verse 😂😂😂” reads another status.

“Fuken fagets”

With his sister already settling down with a good local kid, it is unclear what Tommy will do with himself for money when his parents retire to Buderim.



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