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Returning from the other side of the planet with wild stories of the frontier, a local traveller crashed out around 8AM this morning after a marathon 30-hour journey home from London.

As a result, Betoota Grove-resident Harley Hawthorne is jet-lagged beyond all comprehension.

“I’ve just been on an aeroplane, in economy class, for close to two days,” he said.

“So yeah [laughs] I guess you could say I’m jet-lagged. I haven’t even showered, let alone slept! God, it was a trip from hell. Don’t get me started,”

“I reckon it’ll be a few days until I feel up to doing anything!”

On the receiving end of Mr Hawthorne’s jet-whine are the various men and women loosely associated with the 26-year-old voice artist through his WhatsApp groups and living conditions.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate, a friend of Harley’s told of an unending stream of mild complaints and general malaise coming through as notifications on his phone.

Lindsay Scott explained that he first thought there was something wrong with Hawthorne, but after discovering that he was only jet-lagged, his mind was put at ease.

“You’d think he’s the first person to be in transit for 30-hours,” she said.

“But if you didn’t know that, you’d think he was dying or something. It’s just a never ending series of messages that tell the group how long he’s travel and how jet-lagged he is,”

“We get it. Please call the Governer-General and ask him for a medal or something. You and the other 400 people on the plane have basically survived a day on the Eastern Front fighting the Bolsheviks.”

More to come.



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