NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has backed up his statement saying “the game must grow up” in relation to Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan’s criticism of match officials.

Greenberg says despite the $30,000 fine dished out towards Flanagan for his immature comments, he does agree with the sentiment, and as of 2018, the competition will be removing all on-field referees.

“It’s to be replaced by an honesty policy where players will have the final say on whether they scored a try, were off side, knocked on or even hit the head.” he said.

“NRL players have time and time again proven their responsibility and sportsmanship, and referees do nothing but actively make the wrong calls

Sharks Coach Shane Flanagan said “that’s exactly what I meant in the post game press conference,

“Let the players decide the game”, they’ll all adults and they been playing footie for 20 odd years not like those bank clerks in the bloody soccer outfits and a whistle.”

Greenberg also went on to say that ” the bunker is to be replaced by the red button on the Foxtel remote giving the fans the deciding vote in all close decisions and possibly increasing revenue from Pay TV.

“Lets face it the crowds in the finals last week were so low compared to AFL we need to do something so rather than put up a smoke screen, the NRL are making honesty and the home viewer are top priorities.”


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