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Once touted as the next tech hub of South West Queensland, Betootacone Gully ultimately failed to attract a large tech company needed to boost the local economy.

But one town’s loss is another man’s treasure.

One start-up the district did lure in was Sunplantia, a company that helps outdoor plants make the transition to indoor life – and with it came a whole troupe of young intelligent men.

The office culture was second to none, the envy of the entire gully.

Until Samantha Cashew was hired earlier this week.

Since then, the levels of male horseplay and general non-consequential misogyny are at an all time low and with it, lower office moral.

“She hasn’t even worn a skirt once and she always looks you in the eyes until you look away,” said Sunplantia project manager Peter Gillpeck.

“And she like full-on tells me that some of my ideas are bad,”

“The whole buzz around the office is just different. We went for work drinks last and she just sat at the end of the table drinking Tooheys Red eye-balling us. What the hell is her problem? The office is so much different now.”

However, disturbing details have emerged following a short interview with Ms Cashew, who shed some light on the shocking allegations made by her male colleagues.

The 26-year-old HR graduate said she’s just being herself.

“Yeah, you get boys like that in the start up world,” he said.

“They’re so used to understanding everything that when they can’t, they feel threatened. Well, I guess none of these World of Warcraft veterans understand me – or women in general,”

“Just comes with the territory, I’m not concerned.”

More to come.




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