The ever relatable Prime Minister has today informed the public that he ‘gets it.’

Speaking from his isolation quarters, the nation’s Head of Marketing explained that nobody needs to convince him how annoying lockdowns are, because he’s been couped up for 7 days already.

“Mate, bloody hell, it’s doing my head in aye,” said Morrison today, empathising with Australian citizens who are in lockdown or facing lockdown.

“I’d give anything to be able to get down the bloody pub for a bloody beer, let me tell you.”

The comments from the leader of a nation currently in lockdown because we can’t get safety jabs into anyone’s arms, come after Morrison decided to disappear to some international meeting he wasn’t really invited to for some photo ops.

As a result, the PM is currently spending 14 days in isolation, ignoring media requests as to why his government has failed so woefully on its jab and quarantine programs.

“Outbreaks are an issue for the states to deal with,” said Morrison today.

“The fact my government only has 3% of the population protected isn’t the issue here. It’s that driver’s fault.”

“So I’m not answering questions on that issue. How about the Blues last night?”

“That sure was something!”

The Prime Minister’s phone then cut out.

More to come.


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