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A Betoota Heights stock and station agent has chosen to follow his dreams next financial year and try his hand at making country music.

In order to make his dreams of crooning for cash come true, local man Jake ‘Plunger’ Bodum left Rock Dog’s Music on Mullholand Road with a new lap steel guitar, a launchpad and Abelton installed on his MacBook Pro.

“And I also left a few grand lighter,” he laughed.

Plunger Bodum spoke candidly to our reporter face-to-face this afternoon in Machattie Park because we can do that in Western Queensland.

“That’s all you need these days. Some would say you don’t even need the lap steel but without it, there’s fuck all difference in the music between country pop and 90s R&B,” he said.

“But I’m excited to see what the future brings. Perhaps a few tracks featuring a label mate from a genre that’s not country, but like that’s after I get signed. I wouldn’t mind coming up with a few tracks about harvesting grain or something then have someone like Suffa MC spit some bars in the chorus about how he used to harvest phones and wallets from uni students on the O-Bahn back in the 90s,”

“Like creating parallels like that. I mean anybody can write country songs about drinking too much, punching your mates and lights on hills with a Maton. But that doesn’t sell any more,”

“I’m a stock and station agent, I know how to sell things.”

More to come.


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